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Entire Course of BUSN 115

BUSN 115 Week 1 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Devry University

Week 1: Laws and Regulations

Do laws and regulations always restrict or impede the efforts of business professionals, or can they actually help businesses? In addition to this, could you list some examples of laws or regulations that may have impeded business lately?

BUSN 115 Week 2 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Devry University

Week 2: Global Markets

How can a company use licensing agreements to enter world markets? What two fundamental product strategies do companies choose between when selling their products in the global marketplace?

BUSN 115 Week 2 Assignment Help | Devry University

Week 2: Reflective Paper

What Does Business Mean to Me?

Write a 500-word reflective essay on the following topic:

“What Does Business Mean to Me?"

This essay should cover the following areas

Your views of business and its role in your life: Where you work, how you shop, how you interact with businesses. Do you see business in a positive light, or not? Why?

Describe and discuss a business with which you have a positive experience. What makes this business successful in your opinion - be specific.

Describe and discuss a business with which you have a negative experience. What can be done to improve this business?

What do you want to learn about business in this and future classes that you think might help you be more successful as a professional?

This assignment covers Course Objective 1. Please base your responses on your personal experience and understanding of the course material so far. Formal APA format

BUSN 115 Week 3 Assignment Help | Assignment Help | Devry

This assignment is due at the BEGINNING of Week 3! This is not due until week 3, but don't wait until last are required to do some legwork on this assignment and will need to visit some stores, so please be sure you have enough time to complete your primary research.


Compare TWO grocery stores within a few miles of each other in your local neighborhood. These are two companies competing in the same business in the exact same market.

What do you notice that is different, what is similar?
How do you think Supply and Demand affect their pricing?
Thinking about the Global Business Environment, how does it affect these two stores? (Just select one or two environments in your text and lesson and relate to your business)

Looking at the definition of management: PLANNING, LEADING, CONTROLLING and ORGANIZING, described what you saw in either store that demonstrates at least two of these items.

After researching, Create a 3-5 minute brief voice thread presentation and submit to the Week 3 Discussion Area

BUSN 115 Week 4 Discussion | Assignment Help | Devry University

Week 4: Advertising

Think about an advertisement (in any medium) that had either a strongly positive or strongly negative effect on your attitude toward the product being advertised or the advertiser itself. Why did the ad have this effect? If you responded positively to the ad, do you think you were being manipulated in any way? If you responded negatively—and you are a potential buyer of the product that was advertised—what changes would you make to the ad to make it more successful?

BUSN 115 Week 4 Quiz | Assignment Help | Devry University

Question 1

(TCO 3) A small business is defined as a company that _____.

Question 2

(TCO 3) Which of the following is true regarding high-growth ventures?

Question 3

(TCO 3) TechPoint, a technical writing and business documentation firm, finds it difficult to handle its training requirements. The company forms a one-year contract with Impact Inc., a language training firm, to conduct training and refresher courses for their employees. This is an example of _____.

Question 4

(TCO 3) Charles is the purchase agent for a consulting firm. He places orders for office stationeries and consumables once in two weeks. The purchases are made in large quantities and are billed in the firm's name. The items that Charles buys are examples of _____.

Question 5

(TCO 3) Research and development is carried out usually during the _____ stage of product development.

Question 6

(TCO 3) People who monitor social media to spot shifts in consumer tastes are called _____.

Question 7

(TCO 4) Consumer purchasing differs from organizational purchasing in that consumer purchasing _____.

Question 8

(TCO 4) The process of examining an organization's current marketing situation, assessing opportunities and setting objectives, and then developing a marketing strategy to reach those objectives is called _____.

Question 9

(TCO 4) Selling existing products to new markets is called _____.

Question 10

(TCO 4) Retailers differ from wholesalers in that retailer’s _____.

Question 11

(TCO 4) AMS Technologies, a computer hardware reseller, purchases computer components from leading manufacturers and builds fully operational personal computer systems customized for specific consumer requirements, such as nonlinear video editing capabilities. The firm sells its products to various companies and educational institutions. AMS Technologies belongs to which of the following class of intermediaries?

Question 12

(TCO 4) _____ are full-service merchant wholesalers who set up displays in retail outlets, stock inventory, and perform other services, such as marking prices on merchandise.

Question 13

(TCO 4) The government agency that has the authority to impose penalties against advertisers who violate federal standards for truthful advertising is the _____.

Question 14

(TCO 4) KM Group, a home products manufacturer, owns a brand of paper towels called EasyWipes. The firm creates a commercial showing how an EasyWipes paper towel absorbs a spill faster than the competitor's paper towel. In this example, the commercial used by KM Group can be classified as __________ advertising.

Question 15

(TCO 4) Advertising that seeks to create goodwill and to build the desired image for a company, rather than to promote specific products, is termed as _____.


BUSN 115 Week 6 Assignment Help | Devry University


Week 6: Reflective Paper

Benefits and Challenges of Teamwork


Write a 500-word reflective essay on the following topic: "Benefits and Challenges of Teamwork"

This essay should cover the following areas

Discuss your view of and experience with team projects. Do you see team projects in a positive light, or not? Why?

Describe and discuss at least three challenges in working with teams. Provide your thoughts on how these issues can be proactively addressed when starting a team project.

Describe and discuss at least three benefits of working with teams. Provide your thoughts on how these positive aspects can be leverages to make the team more productive and successful.

As team projects will be a part of many of your future courses, discuss how you plan to ensure your success as a team member and how you plan to contribute to your future team's success.

This assignment covers Course Objective 5. Please base your responses on your personal experience and the reading you have done in this class. Formal APA format

BUSN 115 Week 6 Quiz | Assignment Help | Devry University 

Question 1

(TCO 5) A company whose structure, policies, and capabilities allow employees to respond quickly to customer needs and changes in the business environment is termed as a(n) _____.

Question 2

(TCO 5) Another term for work specialization is _____.

Question 3

(TCO 5) In a furniture factory, one worker cuts the wood according to the design, another worker glues and screws the pieces together, and another worker stains and polishes the wood. This is an example of _____.

Question 4

(TCO 5) The number of workers who report directly to a manager is called the manager's _____.

Question 6

(TCO 5) Justin M. Brown, the operations manager at Vernon Manufacturing Company, formulated a strategy to motivate the firm's employees. Justin addressed employees’ dissatisfaction by increasing their salary and incentives; he employed several industrial counselors to help employees deal with work-related stress; and improved the health insurance plan provided to employees. 

He also motivated employees by providing greater opportunity for advancement, recognizing employees who perform well and giving employees greater responsibility to foster a sense of achievement in them. Justin's measures are based on which of the following approaches?

Question 7

(TCO 5) Which of the following statements is true about expectancy theory?

Question 8

(TCO 5) _____ suggests that employee satisfaction depends on the perceived ratio of inputs to outputs.

Question 9

(TCO 5) _____ refers to a motivational approach in which managers and employees work together to structure personal goals and objectives for every individual, department, and project to mesh with the organization's goals.

Question 10

(TCO 5) K.M. Retailers, an international consumer products retail chain, gives preference to women and minority-owned suppliers and subcontractors. The firm hires a large number of employees from ethnic minorities and the human resource department keeps the interests of these groups in mind while framing company policies. In this example, K.M. Retailers uses which of the following strategies?

Question 11

(TCO 5) Which of the following acts prohibits any form or testing that can be construed as a pre-employment medical examination?

Question 12

(TCO 6) A _____ is a special type of bar chart that shows the progress of all the tasks needed to complete a project.

Question 13

(TCO 6) Which of the following is the main purpose of just-in-time systems?

Question 14

(TCO 6) Morkel Toys is a manufacturer of toys. The company produces tens of thousands of Barbie dolls in its factories every day. It uses large machinery to automate the production and the output is standardized. This is an example of _____.

Question 15

(TCO 6) The manufacturing approach in which part of the product is mass produced and the remaining features are customized is known as _____.

BUSN 115 Week 7 Discussion | Assignment Help | Devry University

Week 7: Accounting Firm

The senior partner of an accounting firm is looking for ways to increase the firm's business. What other services besides traditional accounting can the firm offer to its clients? What new challenges might this additional work create?

BUSN 115 Week 7 Assignment Help | Devry University

Week 7: Billboard Advertising Project


Be sure to start this project early in the week. The Billboard is due at the end of Week 7.

In this assignment, you will evaluate a billboard advertisement for any business (e.g: McDonald's, Joe's Hardware, Denny's, etc.). Answer the following questions:

What is the message in the ad?

Why did they use the pictures, colors, fonts that they chose?

Where will it be placed and why that location? (Describe a common location, such as a freeway or near a bank)?

What demographic/psychographic segment of the market is the target?

Take a picture of the billboard and include it with your paper. Note: Your picture must be original, it cannot be taken from an Internet source.

Your submission must be at least 500 words. Formal APA format

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